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30th December 2017 - During this month of December we enjoyed a tremendous time of rich fellowship and ministry among the BEM Grace Church, Kuching the capital of Sarawak. The BEM Grace church, Kuching is a very, lovely group of dedicated Christians. I taught in English for six evenings (Tue-Thur) over two weeks from 8.00 -10.30pm. The theme was "the divinely empowered Christian Life" which included the following subjects: The Integrity of the Word of God, Seed Principle, Righteousness, Meditation, Armour of God (6 pieces), and Binding and Loosing. In addition to this block of in depth teaching, we also conducted three church services, two Bahasa services and one service in Chinese. We also distributed a further 66 of my biblical meditation books into the church in both the Engslih and Bahasa Malaysian languages. In the last service we were able to lead a lady to give her heart to the Lord Jesus. We also prayed for many people and anointed them with oil. It was a very rich time in the Word of God.

From the time in Kuching, what has been resonating in my spirit is the fact that our Creator has written to us through the Scriptures. At face value this doesn't seem a new or profound revelation, however this is one of the biggest stumbliing blocks with unbelievers. Also many Christians don't hold a strong conviction as to the infallibility and pure preservation of the Scriptures for us in our generation.

But if we think about it, through observation of nature it is obvious there is an intelligent Creator. It is logical that the intelligent Creator would communicate to those He created in His likeness, in writing. This is the Scripture, Old and New Testaments. It is also logical that our Creator would preserve the purity of His writiing to every generation. He is well able to do this.

The Lord bless you and I pray that 2018 will be a wonderful year for you, as you draw near to the Lord, He will draw near to you. With love, Andrew 

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