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2nd September 2016 - During the month of August we held three 3-day seminars and 4 church meetings in Myanmar / Burma. It was a great time of feeding the Lord's hungry people with His anointed Word. The people were very appreciative and excited about receiving the revelation of how to meditate the Lord's honourable covenant promises to bring more of the Lord's power to assist their life challenges. In addition to the teaching and prayer we distributed 94 copies of "The Sword of the Spirit" in the Burmese language. This book adds tremendous impact to the ministry as the people can immediately put into practice the meditation of the Lord's covenant promises using the Scriptural affirmations in the book.

94 people stood in one seminar to give their allegience to the Lord Jesus Christ. 15 came forward in a church to trust in Jesus' blood for the remission of their sins. 6 came forward in another church to gives their lives to Jesus Christ. It was precious to be able to encourage and fellowship with many pastors and believers who have suffered much in their lives.

With love, Andrew 


15th July 2016 - In Bangkok, Thailand we ministered extensively with Revive Thailand Ministries includiing four mornings with the bible school and three Saturday services. We ministered the baptism with the Holy Spirit ensuring all the college students could pray in the Spirit, in unknown tongues. During one service the Lord confirmed the Word with a sign by healing a man's painful shoulder whilst listening to the preaching. Many of these Urdu speaking Pakistanis are asylum seekers having left Pakistan due to violent Islamic persection against Christians. It was a pleasure to encourage these brethren with the hope of a better life through faith in the Lord's precious and powerful promises.

We also had a wonderful Sunday with the Thai Friendship Church, Bangkok. Fifty came forward and knelt to affirm their trust in Jesus' blood for the remission of their sins. In addition eight first time believers came forward to give their life to the Lord Jesus. One of these new believers was baptised with the Holy Spirit in a coffee shop later that day and freely prayed in unknown tongues. Praise the Lord!

5th April 2016 - We have just concluded a very successful mission to an undisclosed country (the country is undisclosed for security reasons). We conducted a leadership training seminar and a church meeting. My meditation books were also distributed.

Highlights of the mission included teaching concerning how to supernaturally expand the Lord's church. Emphasis was given to establishing our hearts in God's covenant promises and how to flow with the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We subsequently taught on the baptism with the Holy Spirit and prayed for Jesus to baptize all participants with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Overall we taught, inspired, and encouraged the Lord's church in a country which is not open to Christian freedoms. We also enjoyed wonderful fellowship in the love of the Lord. With love, Andrew



31st May 2016 - We are just at the end of more extensive teaching, and some evangelistic, ministry in Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia. The Lord has opened a wonderful door to minister to the people of Sarawak which consists of many indigenous tribal groups. On Sunday I preached at the Malaysia Evangelical College, in Lawas, and the principal told me the students represent 20 different ethnic groups.

In Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, more than twenty people came forward to trust in Jesus' blood for the remission of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour. We distributed more than 310 of my Scriptural meditation books in both the English and Bahasar Malaysian languages.

It is wonderful to be in Borneo and see how the gospel of Jesus Christ has transformed these previous 'head hunters' into beautiful, honest and pure people.

With love, Andrew

11 February 2016 - We recently completed a very successful mission to Sarawak, Borneo, East Malaysia. It was a great time with the outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit upon many. We experienced instant miracle healings in the name of Jesus Christ, where pain left peoples' bodies. In one meeting we prayed for the baptism with the Holy Spirit over a group of 100+ students. The Lord did not disappoint with about 15 falling under the power, half without hands being laid on them. Three girls began manifesting as devil spirits ripped them as the devil spirits fled in terror. More people were born again; and on this mission more than 275 of my Scriptural meditation books were distributed in English and Bahasar Malaysian languages. Praise the Lord!

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