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12 May 2015 - Borneo: Out reach to the Iban tribe, located in an upper tributary of the Limbang River, Sarawak. We went by narrow boat up the river to the last, or the most remote longhouse, on the river. Here the river is clear, fast flowing, cool and clean, as there is less human disturbance in the jungle upstream. Many of the older folk still hold to their ancient Iban God, and ancestral worship. We came in a big team of about 20 mostly Lun Bawang tribal people, but the relationship with the Iban and Lun Bawang is good. The Superintendant of the local BEM SIB denomination came together with another local Lun Bawang pastor.


The ministry was a tremendous success with 12 coming forward to trust in Jesus' blood for the remission of their sins on the Saturday night. We also led 4 families to the Lord as we visited house to house, and in the final meeting 25 came forward, mostly children to place their trust in, and loyalty to, Jesus - the Lamb of God.


During this ministry time, of sharing the gospel from house-to-house and inviting people to accept the Lord's invitation to receive His grace, we experienced tremendous victory. One man, now in his 60's, said he had a vision of Jesus when he was 18 years old. In the vision he also saw himself being baptised but had done nothing more about it… until this outreach when we invited him to receive the Lord Jesus which he did with great joy. I wondered how many more have received visions of Jesus, and are still waiting for a representative of the Lord to invite them into His Kingdom? Truly the harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few (Matthew 9:39).


We also had reports of a lady being instantly healed of a heart pain condition and a deaf man could hear after prayer for his ears. We also met with a Paramount Chief of the Iban, whose territory covers a long way in this area of Sarawak. We were able to share the gospel with him and give him a set of my scriptural meditation books in Bahasar, which he can read. We also gave a sets of books to the chief of the longhouse, and some of the families who gave their hearts to the Lord.

2 May 2015 - Borneo: we recently concluded a teaching module for Rhema Bible school in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. The title of the module was "Understanding the Anointing". For the final session we decided to pray for the students and ask the Lord for an impartation of His anointing. I prayed for the student's one by one and laid hands on them. There were various pray requests and different levels of anointing, however, three students had devilish oppression upon their lives and they fell to the floor and began screaming and writhing uncontrollably, one even spittiing and crying out for help as the devil tore him as the devils departed his body. One thing we can be sure of: the biblical accounts of devils are true. There are devil spirits in this world who try and gain access into human bodies. When I saw the torment upon these students, as the devils tore them, my thoughts went to those who will be eternally tormented in hell. Don't make that mistake! In the name of Jesus Christ the devils left the students. Jesus is the only way to heaven and freedom from all devils. The Lord bless you. With love, Andrew

22nd March 2015 - This month we completed a series of meetings in Taree, NSW, Australia including: a weekend seminar, church meeting, address to seniors and, a radio interview. The teaching and prayers were well received and more than 80 of my meditation books were distributed. One lady, in her 80's, testified that years ago we prayed for her hands which had arthritus and since then she has been pain, and arthritus, free in her hands. Praise the Lord, Jesus is still the healer (Hebrews 13:8)

It has been lovely to catch up with various family and friends during these past weeks in Australia. In a few days I will depart for a mission to Borneo and am looking forward to contributing to the people in those lands. With love, Andrew


28th April 2015 - We are now at the mid-point of the ministry in Borneo. We have done heaps of preaching and teaching. 30 people from the nomadic, Penan tribe prayed to give their allegience to Jesus. We have also prayed for other individuals: to receive the Lord Jesus, to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and also, for physical healing. We had a relatively strong move of the Holy Spirit in a bible college where people were touched by the Lord. In the jungle interior we had a very strong prophetic anointing and everybody in the meeting came forwad for prayer. We have distributed about 300 of my scriptural meditation books, both in Englsih and the local language. The Word is being well received, so we are experiencing good success. Praise the Lord and thank you everybody for your prayers and various contributions. With love, Andrew

24th February 2015 - I am now in Australia and having a good time catching up with family and friends. Australia is certainly a very blessed country! We are systematically editing and adding short written teachings to the "written teaching" section of We have also updated all the photos 2013, 14 and 15 in the "photos" section.

I recently spoke to, and prayed with, a small group of elderly ladies from Taree, NSW who faithfully pray for my ministry and other missionaries. As a result of that meeting I have been invited to speak in Taree next month and will hold the following meetings: 14th and 15th of March 2.00 - 3.30 pm at Ormsby House, 24 Commerce St Taree. I will teach for about an hour at each session. I will also preach for the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Taree on Sunday the 15th March at the 10am morning service. With love, Andrew

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