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29th January 2015 - We enjoyed a wonderful time ministering a module "Understanding the Anointing" to the student's of Rhema Bible School, Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo, East Malaysia. After completing the 12 teaching sessions we ministered in the Sunday service for Borneo Evangelical Mission Immanuel in Sibu. In this meetiing a young man came forward to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. We also prayed for a sick man who went down under the power of the Lord. Devil spirits left his body and he was ministered to for a long time by the Lord. Afterwards he told me he felt heat flow through his body. The power of the Lord continues to save, heal and bless people. We love Jesus so much! With love, Andrew.

20 January 2015 - What a blessed ministry time in Japan! My heart is filled with joy, peace, and love after spending 10 days wonderful days with the Christian family of Kobe Full Gospel Church. We ministered the Word, prayed for people, and had encouraging fellowship with the leadership. The openenss, spiritual hunger, intelligent perception, humility, and love of the Japanese Christians was impressive. I had a real sense that the Lord is zealous to move more powerfully in Japan to bring His truth to this 'special' nation. Join with me in praying for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to help bring the precious people of Japan into the glory of the Lord's kingdom.

1st December 2014 - We recently concluded many meetings in Manado, and a meeting in Makassar, Sulawesi. It was great to bring strength and faith to the churches through the Word of the Lord. Many doors opened including ministering to about 200 doctors and nurses in the largest training hospital in Eastern Indonesia in Manado. We also preached and prayed on three different radio programs, and ministered in various churches and fellowships. 25 people came forward to place their trust in Jesus blood for the remission of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord. More than 50 copies of "The Sword of the Spirit" in the Bahasar Indonesian language were distributed and one lady was powerfully baptised with the Holy Spirit and spoke in unknown tongues. With love, Andrew

11 January 2015 - We held a number of meetings in Singapore in December and January. It was a really nice time of fellowship with the saints. In one meeting, among Thai people, the Holy Spirit ministered very deeply both through the Word and prayer anointing. People went down under the power and stayed down, some crying, as the Lord touched their bodies and souls. We distributed 80 meditation books, preached the anointed Word, baptised three believers, and prayed for many people. We also ministered to some individuals on a more personal level. As always the Lord was faithful and we experienced a very blessed time. With love, Andrew

7th November 2014 - We recently completed a beautiful time of ministry and fellowship with Friendship Church in Bangkok, Thailand. We completed 5 teaching sessions over two days and the Word of the Lord was enthusiastically received. There was a special request for a demonstration on how to meditate the Lord's precious covenant promises. We are also in the process of proof reading the newly revised and edited edition of "The Sword of the Spirit" in the Thai language. Hopefully this new Thai edition will be ready for printing in 2015. It is great to see Friendship church growing and expanding, both nationally and internationally, under strong Thai leadership. With love, Andrew

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