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We have been having an awesome time here in Bali. We ministered in the prison and 7 came forward to trust in the blood of Jesus to remit their sins and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ to be saved; also another 6 were saved ast night in another meeting. About 10 came forward to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and last night about 50 came forward. Last nights meeting was a major meeting for the Presbyterian churches in Bali with the bishop and senior pastors present. The Holy Spirit moved very powerfully and people fell down without anybody touching them, others vomited as evil spirits left them, and others fell down and prayed loudly in unknown tongues. God's power really showed up, praise the Lord!

This month we ministered in the nation of Japan. The anointing of the Lord was very beautiful, peaceful and loving. The Japanese Christians are so hospitable, sincere and appreciative. Born again Christians number less than 1% of the population with only 8,000 churches among 127 million people. Many of the churches are also very small, around 30 people. Japan is definitely a mission field which the global church needs to give more attention to. The pastor where I ministered was sincerely touched that we would make the effort to come and minister to them. With love, Andrew

Yesterday I preached at Friendship Church, Bangkok, Thailand. At the end of the service we laid hands on many people and prayed for various needs in the name of Jesus Christ. After lunch, a lady came up to me and shared how she had recently had an accident and had been unable to walk on her leg all week. She demonstrated to me that she could now walk and put weight on her leg without pain, and testified that this change occured immediately after she was prayed for. There maybe various possibilities why this lady was healed, but one possibility we should not dismiss is that Jesus really is alive in heaven, and really is the King of the Universe. In my experience people often get healed after prayer in the name of Jesus. After all... I don't know how to heal people, I simply pray by faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

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