Blessed 2016

1st January 2016, Sarawak, Borneo - Blessed 2016

Wishing you all a blessed, peaceful, loving and prosperous 2016.

Just today I returned from the hot and steamy jungle of Borneo where we have been ministering among the Lun Bawang tribe. We have also enjoyed ministry among the Panan and Iban tribes. 13 new believers have been baptised in the river this week and another 60 have come forward to give their allegience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Last night I gave the New Years Eve address and emphasised it is up to us whether we will be blessed or cursed in 2016. If we decide to draw nigh to the Lord, the Lord will draw nigh to us. If we plant the Lord's Word in our hearts, the Lord will bring the increase. If we renew our minds with the Lord's Word, we can experience the will of the Lord in our lives. We will determine the measure of the Lord's blessing, according to the measure we receive His covenant promises in our hearts.

I pray that the Lord will strengthen you this year 2016, to walk more closely with His precious Word and His Holy Spirit. May His grace be multiplied in your life, to deliver His power, to bring His shalom - healing, prosperity and peace into your life and the lives of your family and loved ones.

With love for a great year 2016, Andrew



Kobe, Japan October / November 2015

25 November 2015 - Praise the Lord for the wonderful time of ministry we enjoyed with Kobe Full Gospel Church, Kobe, Japan! The church is only two years old, and we helped to bring encouragement and teaching to strengthen and establish the church in the love and power of the Lord Jesus. Andrew taught a series entitled "Receiving the Love and Power of God". Messages included: "God has already Provided everything we need for a Blessed and Abundant Life", "Focus on Growing Seed (promises) in our Heart", and "Be aware of Spiritual Warfare". Andrew also taught a mid-week seminar on the subject of "The Gift of Righteousness". You may freely listen to these teachings under the Teaching - Audio, Japanese, section of

What was most impressive was the love, humility, respect and hospitality of the Japanese Christians of Kobe Full Gospel Church. It was such an honour and privilege to fellowship with them. The Japanese Christians were very hungry for anointed spiritual truth. We pray and trust that the leadership of the church, and their extended family who are very supportive, will continue to be blessed of the Lord is every way. That Pastor Kazu will be strengthened to lead his Japanese people into the fulness of the love and power of Jesus' kingdom.

With love, Andrew






Burma / Myanmar August 2015

5th September 2015 - Last month we completed three 3-day seminars and 4 church meetings in Burma. In the seminars we taught on the principles of establishing our heart in the Lord's covenant promises. This is done through daily meditation of the promises. As the seed of God's Word takes root and grows in our heart the Word produces faith and revelation. It is the faith from the Word which draws the Lord's power into our lives and also protects us from the devil's fiery darts.

In a major seminar, in the Delta region, we were advised the pastors and church leaders have made a commitment before the Lord to meditate the Lord's promises a minimim of 30 minutes every morning and evening. This is great news as behavioural change is one of the major goals of the seminars.

We also distributed 80 copies of my books including "The Sword of the Spirit" in the Burmese language.

In one meeting 100 people came forward and knelt to pray and invited Jesus into their hearts as Lord and saviour (including 40 children). In another meeting 20 children came forward and knelt and prayed with me to give their loyalty to Jesus.

The Lord bless you, with love, Andrew