Burma / Myanmar August 2015

5th September 2015 - Last month we completed three 3-day seminars and 4 church meetings in Burma. In the seminars we taught on the principles of establishing our heart in the Lord's covenant promises. This is done through daily meditation of the promises. As the seed of God's Word takes root and grows in our heart the Word produces faith and revelation. It is the faith from the Word which draws the Lord's power into our lives and also protects us from the devil's fiery darts.

In a major seminar, in the Delta region, we were advised the pastors and church leaders have made a commitment before the Lord to meditate the Lord's promises a minimim of 30 minutes every morning and evening. This is great news as behavioural change is one of the major goals of the seminars.

We also distributed 80 copies of my books including "The Sword of the Spirit" in the Burmese language.

In one meeting 100 people came forward and knelt to pray and invited Jesus into their hearts as Lord and saviour (including 40 children). In another meeting 20 children came forward and knelt and prayed with me to give their loyalty to Jesus.

The Lord bless you, with love, Andrew


Bangkok Thailand

30th July 2015 - This month we ministered in two location in Bangkok, Thailand: Revive Thailand Ministries and Friendship Church.

Revive Thailand Ministries predominately ministers to Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who have fled Islamic persecution in Pakistan. We conducted a teaching seminar and encouraged the people to look to the Lord and His covenant promises to empower their lives, rather than seeing themselves as hopeless victims. We are also working towards translating my book "The Sword of the Spirit" into the Urdu language which could bring a great blessing to the 190 million people in the nation of Pakistan.

Friendship Church, Bangkok is a Thai church with a great vision to plant churches, not just in Thailand but, in the Asean region. I taught on the subject of New Covenant Financial provision (see June 2015 Partner letter teaching) and stressed the need to distinguish between the Lord's promises of financial provision and our financial giving, or seed sowing. God's promises of financial provision are received through faith and are not dependant upon our financial giving. Financial seed sowing, however, can also be a way of increasing our financial supply through the law of sowing and reaping. Two people were added to the kingdom during the Sunday service.

The Lord bless you, Andrew.



Sarawak - May 2015

12th June 2015 - We recently completed a very powerful time of ministry in Sarawak, Borneo, East Malaysia. Some of the ministry has already been discussed in previous blogs. I will share a few more things now:

We experienced a very powerful anointing in a meeting close to the Brunei border. About 50 people fell under the power of the Holy Spirit as we anointed them with oil and prayed for them in the name of Jesus. There was also a very strong prophetic and teaching anointing in this meeting.

The Penan tribe is the last nomadic tribe of Sarawak. We ministered to some Penan children who were in a boarding home for education... all 22 of the children came forward to give their hearts and loyalty to Jesus.

We went 4 hours on dirt roads deep into the interior of Sarawak and visited a Penan village. I was the first white man ever to preach there. We trekked in about 40 minutes from the road. The chief's wife was miraculously and instantly healed of a 10 year condition of severe pain in her back and hip. Another man was healed of gout pain in his knee. 50+ Penan's gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus (even a visiting muslim surrendered to Jesus and was water baptised).

It was a really successful time with 500 of my scriptural meditation books also distributed during the 2 months ministry in Sarawak. Praise the Lord Jesus!