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The Anointing Destroys the Yoke

copyright © Andrew J. Shreeve 2005

And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing

Isaiah 10:27


The anointing of the Lord is most precious. One thing I learnt in bible school was to recognise the anointing of God. I was privileged to attend an anointed bible college for two years. During this time many anointed ministers of God passed through the church and bible school. As a young student I could see and feel the anointing of God upon these ministers. At that time I did not fully understand the anointing of God but I knew it was real and I had a desire to know more intimately, and walk in, that anointing. In later years I attended university and studied theology. At university I did not see the anointing to the same high level. University was more academically challenging and thought provoking but where was the anointing?


Over the years I have grown in the anointing of God. I now value God’s anointing as something ‘most precious’. I always long to come into that place of ‘His anointing’! My friends, this is where God’s love and power is experienced. This is the place we need to strive for, but how? How do we get into that place of His anointing? The place where the yokes of bondage are destroyed, and we are in His glorious peace.


Our first step is to meditate God’s covenant, those exceeding great and precious promises of God (2 Peter 1:4, Psalm 1:2-3). Upon this foundation of fellowship with His Word we then edify and sensitise our spirit to His Holy Spirit through praying in unknown tongues (1 Corinthians 14:14-15, 4; Jude 20-21). From this place of faith and fellowship we open and yield our spirit to Him with praise and worship and thanksgiving. We delight in Him, His Words, and His Spirit (Psalm 37:4; 34:8). This is the foundation for anointed ministry and a move of His Spirit. This is where we experience His anointing, in our personal time with the Lord. We will be healed and set free by His anointing which comes upon rich fellowship with His Word and Spirit. What a joy it is to love the Lord, to delight in Him.


I pray for you that you will enter into sweet fellowship with the Lord. Take time for the Lord. He is waiting for you. Let His anointing direct you in all your ways. He will lead you away from bondage and into freedom. He will lead you into a wealthy place (Psalm 66:12) a place of peace, love, health and joy! He will crown you with loving kindness and tender mercies, He will satisfy your mouth with good things and, He will joy over thee with singing (Psalm 103:4-5, Zephaniah 3:17).


We can experience God’s yoke destroying anointing any time we want, draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you (James 4:8). And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all you heart (Jeremiah 29:13).


Draw nigh to God; seek him with your whole heart. When you do you will find Him. God is waiting for you, waiting to pour out his love upon you. Waiting to anoint you with His yoke destroying, burden removing, Holy Spirit.


You are richly blessed as you receive His anointing. God loves you and I love you, Andrew.

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