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Partner Letter – December 2015


Andrew Shreeve Ministries is working amongst a population base of over 600 million people, and provides you with the opportunity to be involved in the establishment, growth and fruit of the Lord's eternal kingdom, among foreign, ethnic peoples in many nations. You can be empowered to love people, and to have eternal rewards, among different tribal groups! Sow a seed this month to realise this opportunity!




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Welcome - Year 2015 in Review


Dear partners and friends,


I pray your Christmas / New Year holiday time will be blessed, peaceful, and full of love and happiness.


I am presently among the tribes of Sarawak. We travelled 4 hours by four wheel drive, on dirt roads, into the interior. When ministering to the Penan tribe, of the 30 that came forward for prayer, 5 people, including 2 small boys, where strongly ministered to by the Lord, falling down under the power of the Holy Spirit. We also had a very warm reception, and strong anointing, with 35 of the Iban tribe coming forward to kneel and pray with us to place their trust in Jesus' blood to remit their sins, and to give their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ. Among the Lun Bawang tribe, 35 youth came forward to give their allegiance to the Lord Jesus. 12 youth were baptised in the river that afternoon. In the main service 7 came forward to give their lives to the Lord Jesus.


Thank you for your faithful partnership this year 2015. It has been a successful, busy and fruitful year. Following are some of the highlights:


  • Successfully completed 8 international missions, preaching and teaching face-to-face more than 100 times in the following countries: Australia, Burma / Myanmar, Japan, Sarawak / Borneo / East Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • distributed more than 875 meditation books in: Bahasar Malaysian, Burmese and the English languages
  • more than 525 people walked forward to give their hearts and allegiance to Jesus Christ (including a Muslim convert)
  • Completed the 15th year of International ministry for Andrew Shreeve Ministries
  • Many physical healings including: an eighty one year old lady healed of arthritic pain in her hands; heart pain healed; chief's wife instantly healed of severe ten year back and hip pain condition; and gout knee pain healed
  • Devils cast out: strong moves of the Holy Spirit with devils leaving people
  • People baptised with the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues
  • Powerful prophetic anointing
  • Powerful prayer anointing with people falling under the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Resource increase at - including free audio teaching and over 175 written teachings categorized under 39 topic headings and freely available for study and download.
  • Resource increase of free video teaching at YouTube channel: AndrewShreeve
  • Andrew wrote to more than 100 Australian federal politicians outlining our Creator's biblical view that homosexual sexual intercourse is evil, and warning of the moral danger to Australia if the government legislates to condone, and establish into law, thereby legitimizing, the evil practice of homosexual, sexual intercourse


With love,



Teaching - Pride and Humility

Copyright © Andrew J. Shreeve 2015


God resisteth the proud but giveth grace to the humble

James 4:6


This is a wonderful verse as it reveals to us an additional way to increase the grace of the Lord flowing into our lives. It also helps us understand why we may not be receiving God's power into our lives. If we are in pride, the Lord will resist us and, we obviously won't receive as much of His power to improve and bless our lives.


The scripture says God resisteth the proud. The Greek word translated resist means: to range oneself against, that is oppose: - oppose themselves, resist (Strong's Dictionary). I don't think anybody with clear thinking would like to have God setting Himself against them, to oppose them. Well, if we are proud this is what will happen to us.


The Greek word translated proud means: appearing above others (conspicuous), that is (figuratively) haughty: - proud (ibid).


The context of the statement "God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble" is: wars and fighting coming from the lust in our flesh (James 4:1), and friendship with the world, which is enmity or opposition with God. Whoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God (James 4:4). Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil… draw nigh to God, and He will draw night to you (James 4:7-8). The context to not being proud is to: resist the lusts in our flesh; not to be friendly with the world; resist the devil and; rather submit to and draw near to the Lord.



Pride elevates our thinking and behaviour in a way which is friendly with the sin in the world; pride does not govern the lusts of our flesh; does not draw near to Lord, does not allow the Words of the Lord to govern our thinking; and does not discipline our mind to submit to and conform to our Creator's teachings in the bible. If a Christian refuses to, read the Scriptures and, meditate the Words of the Lord, than this Christian is allowing his thinking to be moulded by the world - and this is pride. In other words, if we don't continually, diligently renew our mind with the Words of the Bible we will most likely automatically default to a position of pride, yielding to the lusts in our flesh and the spirit of the world. The devil is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:2).


Continually renewing our mind with the Words and the teaching of the bible is a necessary discipline, if we desire to avoid finding ourselves in pride where God will oppose us.



The Greek word translated humble means: depressed, that is, (figuratively) humiliated (in circumstances or disposition): base, cast down, humble, of low degree (estate), lowly (ibid). In context humble means: to lower our thoughts and fleshly desires to, obey and, submit to God's revealed will and instructions.


I like to define humility like this:


Humility is submitting our thoughts, words and actions: to the Words of the bible as revealed by the Holy Spirit and, to the leadings of the Holy Spirit.


In this teaching, James is addressing the areas of resisting the devil, the world and the sinful lusts in our flesh. However, a general principle of pride and humility is revealed. James reveals that pride follows natural human feelings in our flesh whereas humility follows the spiritual Word of God. Pride does not consult the Lord and does not come under the authority and guidance of the Word of God. Humility, however, allows God's Words to dominate our thinking and actions. Humility deliberately and actively submits our thinking, imagination, speech, and actions to be aligned with God's Word. In contrast pride chooses its own way, the way of the world and the way of natural human feelings in our flesh.


We can apply these principles of pride and humility to assist us to know how to act on the Word of God in every area of our lives. In this teaching we will apply these principles of pride and humility to two vital and practical areas of life - our health, healing, and our financial provision. If we act in pride God will resist us, whereas if we act in humility we have a much higher possibility of receiving the Lord's grace to empower and assist our lives.


Practical Application of Humility

Let us look at two examples or circumstances we might face in life, and how we can respond to these circumstances in either pride or humility.


Example 1: we have pain in our body and go to the doctor for a check up. The report of the doctor is that we have cancer in our body and it is too late. The doctor cannot help us and gives us six months before we will die. What would be a prideful or humble response to this report?


A humble response would be first to draw nigh to God (James 4:8). We draw nigh to God through reading His Words in the bible. What does God say in the bible with regards to sickness and disease, and our life span? A prideful response would be to not draw nigh to God, to not consult what God says in His Scripture, and to rather follow the natural desires in our flesh. Remember, humility brings God on our side to receive more of His grace (God's benefits, favour and gifts (ibid)), whereas when we are in pride - God will oppose us (James 4:6).


When we draw nigh to God, through allowing His Words in the Scripture to influence our mind, will, imagination, thinking, and actions we find the following:


With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him My salvation

Psalm 91:16


Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeemeth thy life from destruction

Psalm 103:2-4


Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us

Galatians 3:13


(Following is part of the curse of the law which Christ has redeemed us from)… All the diseases of Egypt… every sickness and every disease not written in the book of this law

Deuteronomy 28:60-61


Himself (Jesus) took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses

Matthew 8:17


As we draw nigh to God through meditating the above Scriptures it is revealed that God promises Christians: long life, healing, freedom from destruction (cancer is destruction as it destroys the body) and, freedom from the curse of the law which includes every sickness and disease (which includes freedom from cancer). The scripture also reveals that the basis of this freedom from cancer is that Jesus Himself has taken and borne sickness and disease for us.


The humble Christian is the one who allows the healing Words of Scripture, the Words of God, to dominate his thoughts, words, imagination and actions. The humble Christian has the potential to receive grace (healing power) from the Lord.


(Please note: Not every Christian, upon news of a bad report, who immediately humbles himself to God's Word, wins the battle against cancer, as it takes time for the seed of God's Word to grow in his heart, and produce the faith of God, to draw the healing power of God into his life - and he may have left his humble move too late (Mark 4:26-29). It is also not pride to follow the doctor's instructions, take medicine, and do every thing possible in the natural to facilitate healing).


  • We would be wise to plant and cultivate God's healing Words in our hearts during our youth, before health emergencies arise in our lives (Ecclesiastes 12:1).


The proud Christian, however, is the one who refuses to draw nigh to God, refuses to receive the Words of the Lord into his heart, and who rather elevates his mind and the feelings of his flesh above God's Word by contradicting God's Word and affirming the medical fact that he owns cancer and will die. This proud Christian has taken his stand in opposition to God's Word and subsequently God will oppose him and grace will most likely not flow into his life to heal his body. The proud Christian will most probably die from the cancer which he has taken ownership of.


Example 2: An anointed and gifted Christian minister has been instructed by the Lord to go to a foreign country next month to preach the gospel, but does not have sufficient financial resources saved to meet all the expected expenses of the mission. What would be a prideful, or humble, response to this instruction from the Lord?


A humble response would be to draw nigh to God by meditating upon what the Lord has already promised with regard to financial provision. What does the bible reveal in the area of financial provision? A prideful response would be to not draw nigh to God and not consider what God has said, but rather elevate his natural human thoughts and the feelings of his flesh over and above God's Word.


When we humble ourselves and draw nigh to the Lord by allowing His Word to dominate our thinking we find the following:


My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus

Philippians 4:19


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want

Psalm 23:1


God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work

2 Corinthians 9:8


The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses

Deuteronomy 28:8


So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine

Proverbs 3:10


As we draw nigh to God through meditating the above Scriptures in the area of financial provision, it is revealed that the Lord promises financial supply for the things the preacher will need to fulfil his God ordained mission. The Lord promises that he shall not want, he will have all sufficiency and be able to abound to every good work, the blessing has already been commanded upon his storehouses, and his storehouses will be filled with plenty! The humble Christian is the one who submits his mind, will, imagination, thoughts, and actions to the Words of the Lord. The prideful Christian is the one who opposes the Lord's Word and elevates his own thoughts, and the feelings of his flesh, in opposition to God's Word as revealed in the bible.


The humble Christian has the potential to receive grace from the Lord, which will be the provision of the financial supply, to be able to perform the Lord's instruction to go to the foreign country to preach the gospel. Keep in mind there is spiritual warfare surrounding our ability to humble ourselves to receive the seed of God's Word, and time is needed for the Word to become rooted and established in our heart, to produce the faith, which will draw the Lord's grace into our lives (2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Mark 4:15, 26-29).


The prideful Christian, however, is unwilling to submit his mind to God's Scripture in the area of his need, preferring to elevate his own thoughts and the feelings of his flesh to the challenges he faces. The prideful Christian imagines his current lack and shortage and verbalizes these words which oppose the written Word of the Lord. The prideful Christian places himself in opposition to God's Word and subsequently God opposes him and God's grace of provision is not forthcoming.



In this teaching we have seen that pride is the elevation of our thoughts, and the feelings of our flesh, over and above the Words of God, which are revealed in the Holy Bible. Humility, however, is allowing the Words of God from Scripture to captivate our thoughts, will, imagination, words and actions.


If our thoughts are in opposition to the promises of the Lord we have taken a prideful stand against God's Word and God will be opposed to us. If, however, we humble our thoughts to God's Word, even in the face of contrary circumstances, we position ourselves to receiving God's grace, which is the Lord's power to provide His benefits, favour, and gifts to change our facts and circumstances to conform to God's written will.



Dear Lord, thank you for this teaching regarding pride and humility. Please open the eyes of our understanding to know that to receive your power and grace we will need to humble ourselves to agree with your Words in the bible; even if your promises contradict our medical facts, the feelings in our flesh, and our financial circumstances. Thank you that your grace is able to change our circumstances to conform to your written Word.


Help us understand that it is prideful to elevate our thoughts, feelings, and words to oppose your written Word, and that if we are prideful we have placed ourselves in opposition to you and will not receive your grace.


Please forgive and cleanse us for the times we have been prideful, and strengthen us to always first draw nigh unto you through consulting your promises relevant to the circumstances we are facing. We pray this in Jesus Christ name. Amen.


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20th December 2015

a.m. Penan Tribe, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

20th December

p.m. Iban Tribe, Sarawak

25th December

2 p.m. Youth - Lun Bawang Tribe, Liang Datu, Sarawak


Evening - Christmas meeting, Liang Datu

27th December

Sunday service, Liang Datu

31st December

New Years Eve service, Liang Datu

2nd January 2016

7.30 p.m. BEM Imanuel, Lawas, Sarawak

3rd January

9 a.m. BEM Imanuel, Lawas

4th January

7 p.m. Klebit tribe, Lawas

6th January

7 p.m. Agape church, Lawas

9th January

7 p.m. New Life, Bintulu, Sarawak

10th January

9 a.m. New Life, Bintulu

11th January

Iban Tribe Longhouse, Miri region, Sarawak

12th January

Iban Tribe Longhouse, Miri region

14th January

7 p.m. Hosanna Prayer Mountain, Sarawak

15th January

10 a.m., 2 p.m., 7p.m., Hosanna Prayer Mountain

17th January

9 a.m. Victory family Church, Lawas

19th January

7 p.m. MIM Bible School, Lawas

20th January

7 p.m. MIM Bible School, Lawas

22nd January

7 p.m. Youth Ministry, BEM Bandar, Lawas

23rd January

7 p.m. BEM Bandar, Lawas

24th January

9 a.m. BEM Bandar, Lawas

27th January

7 p.m. BEM BT Tiga, Sarawak




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