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Parable of the Sower

Copyright © Andrew J. Shreeve 2006


Text: Mark 4:1-29


The main subject of the parable is seed.

What happens to the seed?

V4 birds ate it

V5 it sprang up,

V6 scorched by the sun and withered

V6 choked, no fruit

V7 yielded multiplied fruit


V11 ‘Mystery’ (to shut the mouth, something not revealed, secret) of the kingdom of God.

V12 it takes revelation from God to understand his kingdom

V13 this parable is foundational. If this parable is not understood we will not understand any of the parables. We must first master this parable to proceed successfully in the kingdom of God!

V14 seed = word. Seed/ word must be sown

V15 seed is sown in the human heart. The heart comprises the spirit and soul (mind will and emotions). Satan immediately attacks for the purpose of stealing the seed/ word.

Why does Satan attack for the seed? Satan is afraid of the seed. If stealing seed motivates the enemy we should understand that keeping seed is most strategic for our success. Our number one focus as Christians needs to be keeping the seed/ Word alive and growing in our heart.

V16 received the seed with gladness

V17 No root! No time to develop the root. Little attention given to the seed. Because of the word Satan brings affliction (pressure, anguish, burden, tribulation, trouble) and/ or persecution. This causes the Christian to offend (trip, trapped, enticed to sin, displeased).

V 18 Hear the word

V19 Distraction of this world.

Delusion, deceit of riches (wealth, money, abundance) 1 Timothy 6:17 riches are uncertain (we can loose wealth). Our trust is to be in God’s promises and not money. Lust (longing for desire) of other things.

These 3 things strangle or choke the Word/ seed.


V20 Hear and receive (accept, delight in). Two things! Receiving, accepting and delighting in the seed/ word causes fruitfulness in God’s kingdom.


Meditation is the process of delighting in and accepting the Word/ seed of God and it vital for fruitfulness and understanding the kingdom (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1).

V21 Where do we place a candle, under the bed? God’s Word is light and it must be placed in the centre of our life to give light to our life.

V22 all things shall be revealed so we may as well come to the light now

V24 the amount (portion, measure) we hear and receive the word/ seed will be the portion or amount we receive of the blessing of God’s kingdom. Direct connection! The one who receives will receive more.

V25 the one who meditates will increase, the one who does not meditate will loose.

V26 Definition of the kingdom! Plant seed/ God’s Word into the human heart. This is what it means in Matthew 6:33. This is how we seek first God’s kingdom. Give first priority to the planting and watering of seed in our heart.

V27 Law of time delay as the seed grows. The seed brings forth, buds, springs.

V28 Law of progression! Blade, ear, full corn.

V29 we must plant and we must harvest. By faith receive the harvest from God at the right time. But first must plant and water the seed.




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