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How to Deal with Storms

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As we progress in the Christian life we become more and more aware that we have an enemy, the devils. As we allow the Word of the Lord to penetrate our heart, thereby becoming blessed through the Word of God (Mark 4:20), we become a target of persecution:


When affliction or persecution ariseth for the Word’s sake (Mark 4:17)


This persecution often comes through people close to us who have an opening in their spiritual armour. The enemy exploits and targets the weaknesses of our ‘friends’ who suddenly ‘turns on us’. These often unprovoked and surprising attacks from those we trust may catch us off guard.


How do we deal with this new storm in our life? Firstly we are freshly reminded that we cannot place absolute trust in human flesh (Jeremiah 17:5-8). We may have to ask forgiveness for having placed our trust in humanity, or human organisation, instead of in the Lord. Secondly we ask and receive wisdom from the Lord (James 1:5) to make the necessary changes to deal with the people, and / or devils, who have attacked us. Thirdly we may have to revise our plans, in some cases cutting our losses temporarily, and move on with what the Lord has given us to do.


What we don’t want to do is allow the storm to remain. We must deal with the storm decisively. In Mark 4:35-41 and Luke 8:22-25 Jesus commanded the disciples to pass over to the other side of the lake. When the storm hit, the disciples were walking in the perfect will of the Lord. The storm was so severe the disciples thought they may perish. Jesus simply rebuked the wind and the water and said: Peace, be still. Jesus then chastises the disciples for their lack of faith.


Jesus was calm in the midst of the storm. When Jesus became aware of the problem he took immediate action. Jesus took authority over the situation, commanded the storm to cease and brought about peace and calm.


It is interesting to note where they were heading, and what happened when they got to the other side. There they met the devil possessed man from the country of the Gaddarenes. A great spiritual victory was achieved through his deliverance and subsequent testimony in Decapolis (ten city region).


It may be that when the storm hits it is because a great victory is just ahead and the enemy is desperate to stop your progress. Be cool in the midst of the storm. Storms are part of life when we walk with Jesus. Hold onto your confidence that the Lord has commanded you to go to the other side. Know the love and goodness of God that He will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19). Don’t let go of your faith. Move on with the plan of the Lord and expect a great victory on the other side!

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