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Strength and Power
by Andrew J Shreeve

We all need more strength and power in our lives. This exhaustive list of faith building Scriptures, on the subject of strength and power, is a vital tool. As we meditate the spiritual seeds inside this book, faith to operate in God's supernatural strength and power will increase in our lives!

Ensure you life is bursting with strength and power as you plant and water God's spiritual promises of strength and power. Give the Lord opportunity to bring increase of strength and power into your life. Enjoy God's supernatural ability, by feeding on the eternal Words in "Strength and Power".

52 pages, perfect binding, A5
$13.95 AUD



The Sword of the Spirit
by Andrew J Shreeve

"The Sword of the Spirit" is an anointed collection of the best promises in the bible. This easy to use meditation book has God's promises conveniently listed under topic headings for quick reference. The spiritual seeds in this book have the potential to radically, and powerfully, change your life! As you use this book, you will find yourself rising up in authority and confidence, boldly declaring over your life God's written will for your personal prosperity, health, safety, strength and much, much more!

This awesome, spiritual tool will liberate you into a life of real faith and victory! Take up "The Sword of the Spirit" every day, and lay-hold of your blood-bought freedom, through the all powerful, eternal, living, Word of the Lord!

78 pages, perfect binding, A5
$18.95 AUD



In Christ Meditations
by Andrew J Shreeve

"In Christ Meditations" is a meditative tool to establish us in the richness of our true identity in Christ Jesus. This wonderful, exhaustive collection of 'In Christ' Scriptures will strengthen and encourage your faith, revealing the deep and eternal love of the Lord.

You will want to carry this book with you, frequently meditating these profound truths throughout the day and night. Be blessed in the unending love of God, as you delightfully indulge yourself in "In Christ Meditations".

78 pages, perfect binding, A5
$18.95 AUD



God's Covenant of Healing
by Andrew J Shreeve

"God's Covenant of Healing" will leave you without a doubt that God's will is your absolute good health and healing - right now!

Full of Scriptures and affirmations to meditate, "God's Covenant of Healing" will become your daily health companion. Discover the simple truths that reveal how God has provided healing for all. This book will teach you how to plant the seeds of healing, and enjoy the fruits of health every day for the rest of your life!

124 pages, perfect binding, A5
$22.95 AUD



The Vision

Andrew Shreeve Ministries is led by the Holy Spirit, committed to the integrity of the Word of God, walking by faith and focused on preaching the gospel to all nations...